Model S and X battery repair

Hybrid ReVolt is proud to announce that we are the first to offer Tesla battery repair services to the public. We can now revive your failed Tesla battery saving you tens of thousands of dollars! You read that right, we can now revive your "bricked" battery.

In the pack that sits under the car there are thousands of individual cells, 5376 to 8256 cells depending on the size of the pack (60 to 100 KWh). All it takes is one or more rouge cells to cause an issue. Here at Hybrid ReVolt we have developed a specialized testing method to find these cells and repair your battery. Typically the offending cells can be deactivated and the rest of the pack will perform as expected, with just a slight loss in range (less than 2 % typically). We then rebalance and test the remaining pack to ensure the problem is fixed.

Our process takes about a week to perform and we currently require the entire car to be brought to our shop in Arizona. We can arrange transportation if needed. Once the work is complete we can arrange return transportation or pick you up at the airport so you may drive your car home.

So if you are experiencing a battery that will no longer charge properly, says "Charge level will be restricted", or similar, reach out to us TODAY. Further damage is done the longer you wait. Contact us directly by using the link on the left.

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