Warranty / Terms & Conditions

The following are the terms and conditions under which Hybrid ReVolt provides products and services to you, the customer.  By purchasing and/or receiving any product or service from Hybrid ReVolt you accept these terms and conditions.

All hybrid batteries sold by Hybrid ReVolt have a warranty (see each product for specific warranty period), provided you abide by the following:

  • Install the battery within 30 days of the battery being delivered to you.
  • Operate the vehicle containing the repaired battery for a minimum of 30 minutes every 14 days.*2
  • Do not open or tamper with the repaired battery.
  • Do not attempt to charge or discharge the battery by any unapproved external means.*1
  • Do not use the battery in a vehicle with any faulty hybrid system components.
  • Once installed, never remove the battery from the vehicle for a period longer than 2 weeks (14 days).

Failure to follow these terms and conditions will void your warranty. For repairs under warranty, you must pay the shipping to us and we will pay the return shipping to you. If a battery is determined to be in good operating condition or the warranty has been voided, it will be returned to you at your expense. We are not responsible for damage from improperly packaged batteries. All warranties are fully transferable to a new owner of the battery, as long as the above terms are always followed.

If an advance replacement warranty exchange is provided and the original warranted part is not received by Hybrid ReVolt within 30 calendar days of the initial warranty shipment, the customer will be invoiced for the replacement battery plus shipping and core deposit. Customer agrees that their deposit will be applied to this balance and any remaining balance will be charged to the customer’s card provided for the deposit payment. If the customer owes Hybrid ReVolt any outstanding balance, customer agrees that no warranty work will be done until said balance is paid in full.

The warranty provided depends upon the repair method you select and as approved by Hybrid ReVolt. Please review the detailed description of the battery option to verify which warranty applies. Parts and labor coverage only extends to the parts and/or labor purchased directly from Hybrid ReVolt. In no event shale Hybrid ReVolt or its employees be responsible for any other parts, labor, or damages caused by the use or misuse of any product or services provided by Hybrid ReVolt or its employees.

Depending upon the repair method you select, your battery will be covered by a specific warranty period. Please review the detailed description of the battery repair to verify which warranty applies. All warranty work will be done at Hybrid ReVolt's shop. In no way will Hybrid ReVolt be responsible for any costs not covered under this warranty. It is the customers own responsibility to replace, or pay to replace, the hybrid battery. The only exception to battery replacement is if the battery owner originally paid to have Hybrid ReVolt install the battery AND the vehicle is returned to Hybrid ReVolt for a warranty replacement.

The warranty period begins on the day you purchase the battery and extends for the number of months specified in the product description. During this period, parts and labor to repair the battery will be provided at our shop at 100%. It is the customers responsibility to remove and/or transport the battery to our shop for warranty services.

*1: Hybrid ReVolt's warranty will NOT be voided for external charging or discharging if:
a) the battery is charged and/or discharger by a charger from Hybrid ReVolt or 99mpg.com, or
it is proven that a fuse of 350mA (or less) is installed between the charger and battery pack
b) the battery shows no signs of overcharge or overdischarge, including, but not limited to: electrolyte leakage, swollen or burst cells, damaged or discolored heat-shrink, etc.

*2: Non-use of a hybrid battery can cause server damage to the battery resulting in early failure. Hybrid ReVolt may limit the number of replacement batteries received during the warranty period as follows. 1 year warranty or less, 1 replacement. 2 to 3 year warranty, 2 replacements. 4 years warranty or more, 3 replacements.

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