OEM 7.2V 6500mAh Battery Sticks (Set of 4)


This is a set of 4 used Honda hybrid IMA battery sticks. These sticks are compatible with the 2000 to 2006 Honda Insight and 2003 to 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid (or a DIY project). You will need 20 sticks for a complete pack - perfect for fixing a failing pack. These sticks didn't meet our strict quality standards, but are still capable of performing in the car. We fully test each and every stick with "real world" conditions. These sticks have output at least 5 amp hour (5000mAh) under an 8 amp load and also measure at least 4 amp hour (4000mAh) under an 80 amp load (what the car actually requires). Any stick with excessive self discharge or internal resistance is tossed in the recycle pile.

These sticks are complete with original heat-shrink and PTC's still attached.

These sticks will ship fully charged and professionally packed.

Sold AS IS, no warranty, no return. You will receive 4 sticks per order.

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