NEW 6.5 Amp Hour IMA Battery (2005-2007)


This battery is built with BRAND NEW 6.5 amp hour MATCHED and BALANCED cells, with the rest of the case being thoroughly tested and repaired as necessary (fan not included). These new cells have been engineered to provide performance similar to a stock battery. While other vendors may sell a battery with similar cells, we highly doubt any have the tools or experience to build a matched and balanced battery pack. We began our business in 2008 and we use our years of experience to build you the best battery pack money can buy. Don't trust your money to a business that has only been around for a year or two, choose us and know that we will be here in the future if there is ever any problem. Packs are in stock for immediate shipping!

This is an advance replacement with a $500 core deposit added to the cost of the battery pack. This allows you to receive your battery pack sooner, replace it, and then return your undamaged pack for the core refund.

This pack comes with a 1 year, fully transferable warranty. Please see warranty page for details of warranty.

Local installation is available at our shop. If you choose local pickup or installation, we will contact you to set up an appointment.

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