Lean Burn / TPS Mod (for manual trans only)


This is the Lean Burn / TPS Mod (w/case) developed by Hybrid ReVolt for the 2000-2006 Honda Insight (MANUAL TRANSMISSION ONLY).

What can it do? It can increase your mileage by modifying the TPS (throttle) signal to extend the lean burn window which can improve mileage by up to 10 MPG. Mileage gain is dependent on driving style, with the biggest benefit to those that don't try to squeeze every extra MPG out of the car and "just drive it". Hypermilers who are experts at obtaining and staying in lean burn will only notice a slight improvement, but can still benefit from the larger lean burn window.

Whats involved in installing it? This is a moderate installation, requiring a 4 wire hook-up. You will need to either install it in the engine compartment and splice into the TPS sensor wiring at the engine OR install it under the dash and splice the wires near the ECM. We provide instructions for attaching it near the TPS sensor in the engine compartment.

THIS IS ONLY FOR THE MANUAL TRANSMISSION INSIGHT, the CVT/Automatic transmission Insight does not have lean burn and this modification will cause the transmission to operate in the wrong gear ratio and reduce mileage.

90 day repair or replacement warranty (our option). Installation is available at our AZ shop for an additional fee. Contact us for more information.

US shipping included. Shipping to Canada is $7.50 additional (select option below). Please contact us for other international rates.

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