Hybrid ReVolt Smart Grid Charger


This is the Hybrid ReVolt grid charger, model HR-GC1, built using the designs of the Genesis One grid charger (from Mike of 99mpg.com). The single biggest modification that we have performed to the charger design is the elimination of the PTC monitoring circuit, which is quickly becoming obsolete. All other monitoring circuits are still in place. The elimination of the PTC circuit provides for a simpler and quicker installation with fewer cut wires.

This charger can charge any NiMH battery from 7 volt to 240 volt. It is a true smart charger, capable of charging at 1.05A or 350mA. With the optional Discharger add-on you will be able to fully cycle your battery pack for maximum benefit.

The price of this charger includes one vehicle harness of your choosing (select below). The charger must have a harness in order to charge the battery pack, and the harness must be designed for the specific make and model of the vehicle being charged. The harness is designed to not only charge the battery, but to run the hybrid battery cooling fan and monitor the temperature of the pack while being charged or discharged. If no harness is required, select the “no harness” option for harness #1 and save $100. Additional harness can be purchased at the time of order for $25 off the normal retail price.

PLEASE NOTE: The sale and use of this charger is governed by the “Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk” document below. You must download, read, sign and return the document to us before we will deliver a charger to you. Orders will be canceled if the waiver is not received within 10 days.

Please allow 5 to 7 business days for us to configure and calibrate your charger with your choice of harnesses.

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